Graduate Thesis – Look Development

Atia Newman

Creating an animation involves many steps and a lot of exploration and experimentation.

My thesis film was a representation of the misuse of power and I wanted all the visual elements to tie together in a cohesive fashion.

More details can be seen in the production blog I maintained at


pedestals   shot010_dispTest7 shot010_dispTest6 shot010_dispTest5-2 shot010_dispTest5-1 shot010_dispTest5 shot010_dispTest4 shot010_dispTest3 shot010_dispTest2 shot010_dispTest bgToons Background looks and colors Beam Fog treelook1 shot060-4 shot060_dark shot060_light with Background angle another shot render test early shot same character character test Resize of 027 Resize of 025 Resize of 023 Resize of 021 Resize of 019 Resize of 016 Resize of 015 Resize of 014 Resize of 012 Resize of 010 Resize of 009 Resize of 009 Resize of 008 Resize of 007 Resize of 006 Resize of 005 Resize of 004 Resize of 003 Resize of 002 Resize of 001 dist09_shot210-18 dist09_shot210 shot210_unLit

under the light
under the light Atia_sketches03 concept

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