Beginning Animation: Pre-production and why it’s important

Story-boarding is the art of making sure issues of timing, cameras and composition are sorted out. These are important decisions to make to ensure the readability of your animation. Remember, a story is no good if nobody can make sense of it. Placing a character into a scene is an art, but the bigger challenge […]

Rotation Orders and Gimbal Locks

This has been picked up directly from a really nice post I found at this blogger’s site:   So the video isn’t attached (and it wasn’t there on the site either) Filed under: inspire

Shader Recap

Shaders are more commonly known as shading networks, because they rarely ever include one item (node). What a shader network is, is a shading group which has a surface material connected to it. The shading group engine is what’s actually connected to your model, or, more specifically, the shape node of your model (this is […]

A novel approach

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Must-see Animations

Some of these are really popular but I think you’ll get a kick out of the rest!  Filed under: inspire

Quirky stuff

I added this just because I couldn’t resist. And I think my students are starting to feel this way! Click and enjoy! under: inspire