Shader tests

Just exploring Mental Ray for Maya 2017 and seeing where I ended up with caustics.

Spring Lighting Still Life

The first demo for our Lighting class of the year. I collected all of the in-progress renders to show the development of the scene.    

Learning Lighting

Having never been a professional lighting artist, I am always conscious of the fact that being in academia tends to isolate artists from the rest of mainstream production. More than anything (except, perhaps Rigging), Lighting … Continue reading Learning Lighting

Modeling a Face

Modeling in 3D can be fun and occasionally frustrating but nothing is more painful that trying to model a face that can deform without breaking when it moves. If you are studying topology then you understand what I mean when I say that. In my opinion, the true skill of modeling comes in when a […]

14 Steps to Handle Graduating with an Animation Degree

Once the grueling process is over and you have officially collected that coveted degree in Animation, life can suddenly seem full of possibilities and yet utterly petrifying. The level of petrifying depends on how optimistic a person you are but I think it is common to feel a little lost. Having been through this process […]

Beginning Animation: Pre-production and why it’s important

Story-boarding is the art of making sure issues of timing, cameras and composition are sorted out. These are important decisions to make to ensure the readability of your animation. Remember, a story is no good if nobody can make sense of it. Placing a character into a scene is an art, but the bigger challenge […]