Borderless: In Time

Directed and animated by Mari Jaye Blanchard, I was invited to participate in the making of this short. A fun process and a small break from the land of 3D!

“Borderless: In Time (November 24 – 27th, 2016) will be held at the historic van Loon Museum in Amsterdam. For the exhibit, we will invite 10 visionary artists working in the digital, electronic and film/media disciplines who will address these questions on borders throughout time via time-based work. With the historic Museum as a back drop, ‘In Time’ will take a transhistorical look borders at the notion of borders and how they’ve affected our pasts and how they affect our futures.

This exhibition will be part of a three exhibition concept titled Borderless, and will be a three-venue event series that will take place in three cities in three different countries simultaneously: New York, Amsterdam and Berlin, and focuses on the theme of living without borders or the challenges faced by borders presently and in the past. What are the challenges faced by borders presently and in the past? What are these types of borders? What defines these borders, and how are they set, will all be questions posed.”

The password is: borderless

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